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Ann Beedit is excelling at keeping up stats! This isn't easy and it takes practice and dedication. To make this profile you need all stats above 90%!

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Makaveli Xue, keeping active does pay off. Stay active working on career tasks and receive in world gifts as well as access to more activities!

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Active beYou Cooks   

QueenLadydi Resident
Dishes: 9473 Recipes: 5628 Cook Level: 2
Christi Wirefly
Dishes: 8269 Recipes: 3381 Cook Level: 2
Xiomara Lavendel
Dishes: 2226 Recipes: 1327 Cook Level: 2
lulamae Winslet
Dishes: 2287 Recipes: 1129 Cook Level: 2
LeziJayEz2Luv Resident
Dishes: 2102 Recipes: 1131 Cook Level: 2

Active beYou Farmers   

jacoblaurel Resident
Planted: 5595 Harvests: 4139 Farmer Level: 2
Christi Wirefly
Planted: 2517 Harvests: 3564 Farmer Level: 2
Bambi Stickfigure
Planted: 2935 Harvests: 2730 Farmer Level: 1
QueenLadydi Resident
Planted: 2645 Harvests: 2620 Farmer Level: 2
RoxRoxii Resident
Planted: 1805 Harvests: 1397 Farmer Level: 1

Careers ~ Crafting ~ Tasks


Seed packs, Crops Types, Tools, Water Source, Markets & More
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Cooking recipes, stats, ingredients and product information.
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Animal Breeding

Animal husbandry, breeding, care, Fertilizers, and feeding..
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Complete Guide of Crafting, Tasks, Ingredients, Components & Objects.
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Health Care

Health Careers, UserSickness, Medicines and Crafting Remedy's.
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